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Contagion Mask Series


Dog Series



    Every painting for me starts as a visceral response to living in the world, with its layers, complications, passions, confusion, joy, sublimity, shifting connections, growth, death, and mystery. The beginning of painting is deeply and joyfully corporeal; the feel of the brush into the paint, against the canvas or paper, over expanding sections. I feel it first, then I see shapes and lines growing and the feeling rises to my head, the act becomes an attempt to capture something of life and connect with others around it. My movements feel like a hand reaching out. The act over the time of painting continues to rise to the head and tap into the unconscious. Eventually, I recognize a shape or an emotion – eyes, sadness, flowers, cells – and I know what the painting is. The challenge is then to bring it into existence.

    Often layering mediums: acrylics, oil and wax pastels, spray paint, inks, and later oils. Layer over layer, building into texture, reaching out with strong colors. The paintings I love the best not only say something and offer an emotion, but repeatedly bring me joy and a momentary feeling of wholeness every time I come upon it. A twinge of not needing any mystery solved or knowledge gained, a whole happiness like the first meeting with someone you fall in love with.  

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    I have been painting/drawing/creating since the age of 7. It has always been about projections onto the paper about the blurring of what is inside my head and outside. It is a way for me to see the emotions that I carry -- happy and sad -- and both aware of and not aware and a need to make them visible. It’s a passion and need that starts from the cycle of emotions and reactions to the sway of life that is made visible onto the canvas.



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